Drum sifts

Noxor has developed its own fully encapsulated drum screen for bottom ash screening and recovery of bed sand for FB and CFB boilers.


Storage of material in eg silos, fuel pockets, stoker pockets, RDF pockets.


Dosing and supplying a certain amount of material to, for example, boiler boilers.

Cool screws

Noxor AB’s water-cooled screw conveyors have a robust structure and dimensioning to handle a demanding job.

Screw conveyors

The screw trays are available in two standard designs, U-trays and pipe trays. The pipe trays are most common in feeding screws, but are also found in transporting screws for easy-to-handle materials where less requirements are available.

Disk sifter

Noxor builds discs for the preparation and sorting of most solid fuels such as chips, chips, bark, forest waste, peat and crushed industrial waste. The discs are of a very robust construction and are available in many different designs.

Scraper conveyors

Our conveyors are manufactured in black, stainless or acid-proof design and can be supplied with different wear materials in the tray bottom. The scrap conveyors are built in modules with complete drive & tension sections and intermediate straight sections.

Cell feeder

Noxor cell feeders are mainly used for slugging solid fuels such as coal, chips, forest waste and peat. They are tasked with blocking against eg. combustion or gasification processes.

Belt conveyors

Noxor AB provides a large standard range of belt conveyors with bandwidth from 400 to 2000 mm with a capacity of up to 2000 m³ / h.


Materials that must be prepared, or processed. such as sifting, crushing or sifting.

Chain elevators

Chain elevators turn the buckets upside down when emptying them (gravity discharging) and can therefore handle most sticky materials better than belt elevators.

Belt elevators

Belt elevators have significantly greater capacity than the corresponding chain elevators due to the large transport speed that is constant for each type due to the discharging principle.