Noxor AB’s water-cooled screw conveyors have a robust construction and dimensioning to handle a demanding job and high demands for:

  • To check out the required amount of material
  • To prevent uncontrolled bedding
  • To handle a closed transport of material with very high temperature
  • To cool the material to dimensioned temperature
  • To protect the screw parts
  • To reduce wear
  • To protect other equipment


The drive unit consists of a foot-mounted, frequency-controlled planetary gear motor with separate cooling fan and chain gear against screw shaft.

Drive and support ends have removable end caps with gland and bearing housing.

Speed ​​monitor with inductive sensing is mounted on screw shaft at the support end.

Rotating swivels on screw shafts for cooling water connection

Customized lengths of cooling water hoses for delivery limits for cooling water connections.

The screw shaft has welded thread in sheet metal with hard weld in the periphery.


Noxor cooling screw conveyors are manufactured in different designs or in combination with:

  • Built-in cooling ducts in loading stages
  • Cooling ducts in a heavy double-hulled trough
  • Cooled screw shaft
  • Chilled screw shaft with chilled threads
  • Cooling water connection for screw shafts with rotating swivels

Pressure vessels

Our cooling screws are dimensioned according to calculation models that comply with the PED directive for pressure vessels. This is determined by the cooling water pressure, temperature and volume.

Reported parts

Construction control and manufacturing inspection of pressure-bearing parts that are to be CE-marked is carried out by an accredited notified body, which also performs test printing before delivery.

Certificate and CE marking

Certificates and required inspection and testing reports are always supplied with the pressure vessel to our customers. The pressure vessels are CE marked in accordance with the requirements of the PED directive.