Centrifugal discharging

Elevators that discharge according to the centrifugal principle, i.e. throwing the material out of the buckets at the discharging point, are suitable for non-sticky materials in pieces up to a maximum of 50 mm in size. Belt elevators have significantly greater capacity than the corresponding chain elevators due to the large transport speed that is constant for each type due to the discharging principle.

Drive drum

The drive drum for all belt elevators is a welded steel drum with a curved surface area. The shell of the drum is coated with rubber.

Tension drum

The tension drum is a self-cleaning perforated drum with open ends and a conical hub.


Buckets are available in different materials both with and without a Hardox-reinforced digging edge. All buckets have two rows of fastening screws and a curved back plate next to the belt. This bucket design reduces the risk of the buckets coming loose under extreme conditions.

Capacity table