Our conveyors are manufactured in black, stainless or acid-proof design and can be supplied with different wear materials in the tray bottom. The scrap conveyors are built in modules with complete drive & tension sections and intermediate straight sections. Our standard program also includes conveyors with convex and concave cracks.

Conveyor types

Noxor supplies various types of scrap conveyors for different purposes:

  • One-part scrap conveyors for, for example, sawmills, the cellulose industry and small heat exchangers.
  • 2-part scrap conveyors for eg power plants and the cellulose industry.
  • 2-part heat-resistant scrap conveyors for, for example, ash handling and lime handling.
  • 2-part water-cooled scrap conveyors for bottom ash handling.
    Wet scrapers for slag discharge and grate boilers.


  • Closed construction
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Can handle large pitch angles
  • Can be provided with several outlets
  • Can transport on upper or lower part or both