Comprehensive service agreement

Noxor AB carries out all maintenance service and takes any action required within the plant so there is no need for the client to have its own maintenance service team. Noxor provides parts such as wearing parts, conveyor rollers, scrapers, conveyor belts and other components. Service personnel arrive on-site within e.g. four hours during normal working hours and within six hours at other times, i.e. evenings, non-working days and weekends.

The client:

  • Keeps in stock all delivery-critical spare parts such as gearboxes, motors, drive and tension drums, special belts, buckets, chains, wire ropes, scrapers, slide rails, screw shafts, filter cassettes and special transmissions.
  • Takes care of lubrication, oil level checks and oil changes.
  • Is responsible for safety devices.



  • Performs regular inspections and servicing (as contracted).
  • Performs service work priced according to the price list.
  • Provides a call-out service in the event of emergency malfunctions.
  • Suggests improvement and conversion works as quoted (additional order).
  • Updates and documents drawings and instructions.