Inspection and checks

Together with the client, Noxor AB performs inspection and checks of the facility at the agreed times.

The client:

  • Keeps in stock all delivery-critical spare parts and wearing parts.
  • Takes care of lubrication, oil level checks and oil changes.
  • Is responsible for safety devices.
  • Performs inspections (according to the preventive maintenance schedule).
  • Takes care of lubrication, oil level checks and oil changes (according to the lubrication schedule).
  • Replaces wearing and spare parts.
  • Performs basic servicing work.
  • Orders work from Noxor or a contractor of its own choice for other tasks.


  • Produces an inspection report containing proposals for appropriate measures and improvements.
  • Submits a quotation for replacing wearing and spare parts.
  • Submits a quotation for service work (at an hourly rate).
  • Submits a quotation for improvement work.
  • Checks the work performed (if the maintenance service is provided by other parties).
  • Documents changes (according to the hourly price list).